Non Resident (Foreign)
"Apply online or Request for single or joint applications as foreigners"

Opening an account as a non-resident foreigner

You must open a Securities Investment Account (SIA) to invest in Treasury Bills/Treasury Bonds issued by the Government of Sri Lanka or Equity capital of companies incorporated in Sri Lanka /Units of Unit Trusts in Sri Lanka. This account can be opened through a local bank.

Required document

  • SIA confirmation letter from a bank including:
  • Client Name
  • Client Address
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Account Number
  • Currency
  • Type

Required forms

Other documents required

  • 2 clear copies of the National Identity Card or valid Passport.
  • Proof of Residency - A copy of any Utility Bill or Bank Statement or such other proof which is not more than 3 months old. (e.g. Electricity, Water, Telephone bills, etc.)


  • An SIA account would have to be opened prior to opening the CDS account
  • All documents above should be certified as true copies by a Solicitor or Attorney-at-Law or Embassy Official.
  • For dividend disposal instructions, please give Bank Name, Branch, Bank Account Number and Branch full address
  • Applicant's signature has to be witnessed by two persons.
  • If the account is to be opened using a Power of Attorney (POA), a copy of a valid POA is required.
  • If a non national applicant wishes to open an account giving a local correspondence address that person should provide sufficient information regarding the correspondence address. (e.g. valid residential visa)

Required form

Same procedure as above with the exception of the form provided below which must be completed instead of the Know Your Customer (KYC) form for Individual Account.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) form for Joint Account (Joint KYC)

Other related documents

Required documents

  • Original Share Certificate
  • Sold Transfer form (Non-nationals) (CDS 4)

Reminder:If you have share certificates to be lodged, Name and NIC/Passport number should be the same as those provided in your CDS Account.

Intra-transfers take place when an individual wishes to transfer stocks from one participant firm to another.

Required form

  • Request for Intra account/Inter Account Transfer of Securities form (CDS 6)

Reminder: Client signature must be placed in sections 1 and 3 in the CDS 6 form.

  • Locked transfers - Locked transfers occur when the investor does not want the stock to be sold and locks the shares. This generally takes place when the investor holds a majority of shares in one company and would not want to risk losing his or her control.
  • Unlocked transfers - An unlocked transfer takes place in the event that an investor enables the stocks to be traded freely.

Required form

  • Request for Intra account/Inter Account Transfer of Securities form (CDS 6(A))

Private transfers occur when an investor finds the need to transfer the stock owned by him/herself to another individual. This can happen in two ways:

  • Share Gifting - The shares are gifted from one investor to another.
  • Required form

  • Death Transfer - If the initial investor is deceased (or during a similar circumstance) the stock can be passed down to one of his or her benefactors, or other individual stated by the initial investor.
  • Required form

  • Transfer of securities in the event of the death of a CDS account Holder (CDS 19)

NDBS SMS ALERTS is a messaging facility which will dispatch information regarding your CDS account and transactions in your account via SMS to your mobile phone. Clients may subscribe for this facility using the form provided below.

Required form

Please note:

    When filling the forms please avoid using correction fluid.

If completed documents are to be posted, please submit a scanned copy of the documents to the NDBS Operations Department via e-mail ( for verification, prior to posting the documents to NDBS.